My Newest Grandson’s Nursery


I am honored to be the mother of three wonderful daughters.  We are a very “crafty” family, and sometimes they enlist my help with projects involving textiles and a sewing machine because my  epithet is “all things sewing”.   My youngest daughter had her first child in March and asked me to sew the curtains for her nursery.  She wanted a “patchwork” design using all the colors from her nursery pallet.

Nursery pictures

      She also asked her sister to design some handmade coordinating pictures.

And I created this little fella that, YES – matches the nursery!


Chair Pockets


My daughter is a teacher, so I make a lot of teacher materials! These chair pockets really helped with classroom organization, so they were a big hit! Click here to see the chair pockets in her classroom.

I can make class sets of chair pockets, or you can buy them individually if you want to help your child stay organized at home. Click on the picture above to visit my etsy store.  You can also email me at for a custom order that will match your classroom or your child’s room!